Nervous System Training

Mix of Club-bell, Bodyblade, Swissball and Rigs to stimulate the Nervous System

Simple Body Weight Routine

Basic routine that can be done anywhere, see description on youtube for suggested times and reps…

Fermenting Jars Review – Fido | Fowlers Vacola | Weck | Mason jar

Short video comparing some of the different fermenting vessels

Fowlers Vacola Lid | Demonstration

Quick demonstration how to put the lid on the Fowlers-Vacola Jar.

Balance Training

Sample of exercises designed to wake up the stabalisers of the body

Sauerkraut Fermentation Demonstration & Weck Jar Tutorial

Simple Sauerkraut demonstration and quick overview of the Weck Fermentation Jar

Gym Rings, Kettle and Clubells

Mix of exercises utilising gym rings, kettlebells, clubells, swissball aimed at stimulating the nervous system, stabilisers and taking the body through a full range of movements